Kimberly's award-winning career as an environmental journalist and Paige's 20 years of retail with an obsession for conscious expansion helps guide our vision for building a company based in values you can trust. Our mission? To help you live a sustainable, fulFILLing life.
We're Kimberly + Paige

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We believe saving the planet starts with expanding our own consciousness. It’s why our commitment to running a sustainable business goes far beyond just offering eco-friendly products.

Because sustainable living isn’t about adding to our daily to-do list or buying more things; it’s about embracing a shift in mindset. Sustainability is a journey, and we are committed to providing resources, support, and community to those seeking the path to a more eco-conscious life.

Embracing this lifestyle requires a community-driven approach to create a Collective effect of positive change. Our role in this community is to relieve consumers of the overwhelming task of scrutinizing labels and production processes that has been unfairly placed upon their shoulders.

We meticulously research and consciously curate every item and every company we work with, making sure these products and partners align with our stringent non-toxic, environment-focused, and ethically-sourced standards.

Our company aims to grow as partners in sustainability with our community, fostering awareness in our greater Collective for a better future and a more fulFILLing life for all.

You can learn more about our company here.

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Paige + Kimberly

A couple of moms
trying to leave the planet better
for a future generation.

Life is stressful enough without the additional burdens of plastic waste filling our oceans, toxin-laced products lining our shelves, and products being produced at the expense of people & the planet.

It's unfair that companies have placed this weight on the consumer. Let us carry some of that weight for you.

We believe the path to a more sustainable, fulFILLing life is rooted in community & well-being which is why we're committed to building it.

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