Kimberly's award-winning career as an environmental journalist and Paige's 20 years of retail with an obsession for conscious expansion helps guide our vision for building a company based in values you can trust. Our mission? To help you live a sustainable, fulFILLing life.
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Our cars have become more than just modes of transportation, they’re often extensions of our lives—mirroring our own homes and reflecting our values. While we tend to focus on emergency kits and spare tires, it’s equally important to equip our vehicles with sustainable essentials that align with our goals and planet-saving values. By having the following items readily available, it will be easier to make eco-friendly choices on the go.  

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags – Everyone likely has a reusable shopping bag or two lying around. Throw those in the back of the car to ensure next time you’re out and about you can choose to refuse single-use, plastic bags.  Every year, approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. More than one  million bags are used every minute! By having reusable bags in your car, you’ll be prepared for impromptu grocery trips or shopping sprees without contributing to the plastic waste crisis. 
  2. Produce Bags – To take your sustainable shopping a step further, invest in some reusable produce bags. You can easily pack your fruits and vegetables without generating unnecessary plastic waste. Compact and washable, these bags are a must-have for every eco-conscious shopper.
  3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Ditch disposable water bottles in favor of a stainless steel, BPA-free reusable bottle and you can save an average of 156 plastic water bottles a year. Not only will you reduce plastic waste, you’ll also save money and cut out all the toxins associated with plastic. Bottled water costs hundreds of times more than tap water to produce. Tap water costs less than half a penny per gallon, while bottled water costs an average of $1.11 per gallon (2016 stats). A 2018 health review by the World Health Organization found microplastics in more than 90% of the world’s most popular bottled water brands—twice as much as what was found in their previous study of tap water. Make it a habit to fill up your stainless steel bottle at home before heading out and you’ll be making a significant impact on reducing plastic waste.
  4. Glass Food Containers – Okay this seems like a stretch, but hear us out. Having glass containers on hand is a smart move whether you’re dining out and want to take your uneaten meal home or you’ve prepared a snack for your journey. Glass is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to plastic, as it doesn’t release harmful chemicals when exposed to heat or acidic foods. It’s also highly durable and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go meals.
  5. Cutlery Set – Add a reusable cutlery set to your car’s eco-friendly arsenal. This compact set typically includes a fork, knife, spoon, and sometimes chopsticks, all neatly packed in a small carrying case. It’s the perfect solution for avoiding disposable plastic utensils when dining out or grabbing takeout. By using your reusable cutlery, you can prevent countless single-use plastic forks and knives from ending up in landfills or oceans. Plus, it’s a convenient way to maintain a zero-waste lifestyle even when you’re away from home.

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Paige + Kimberly

A couple of moms
trying to leave the planet better
for a future generation.

Life is stressful enough without the additional burdens of plastic waste filling our oceans, toxin-laced products lining our shelves, and products being produced at the expense of people & the planet.

It's unfair that companies have placed this weight on the consumer. Let us carry some of that weight for you.

We believe the path to a more sustainable, fulFILLing life is rooted in community & well-being which is why we're committed to building it.

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